Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To my Favorite Students in the World:
I'm going to be out today and Wednesday. My dad has leukemia (A Cancer of the Blood) and I want to be with him during his first set of treatments. If you pray, please remember my family during this difficult time. If you feel so inclined, wear an ORANGE RIBBON like the one on my cabinet door--it stands for Leukemia Awareness.

Today, please remember the rules when I'm gone: Any student getting written up by the Sub will receive detention--no questions asked. Just complete the work and Surf if you have free time. Work on the Warm up first, then make sure you have completed your Grading PowerPoints. Today (and tomorrow), you'll be working on another PowerPoint (yes another! Because you're all so darn good at them)--about Thanksgiving. Use the Internet to research and make sure you complete the assignment in a timely fashion. Remember, whoever has the most passing grades over 80% gets a free Pizza party. If you don't finish today, you will have time tomorrow to complete the assignment. Email me when you have completed the assignment.

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving!

Mr. Aguda


By the end of this week:
Students will demonstrate understanding of PowerPoint and the use of Search engines to create a powerpoint presentation about Thanksgiving.

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up (blog)
(10 minutes)
2. Start Work on the Thanksgiving PowerPoint.

Warm up: (http://www.blogger.com/)

  1. Read Mr. Aguda's letter above. Summarize the letter in 3-4 sentences.
  2. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? (1 Paragraph)

PowerPoint Mini-mini-miniproject: (5 Slides)

Save As: Thanksgiving
Make a PowerPoint Slideshow about Thanksgiving.

Slide 1: Title Slide
Make a Title Slide for your Presentation. Include Words Art, Text Box, Picture, Animation

Slide 2: The History of Thanksgiving (or Thanks-taking)
What is the history of Thanksgiving? Why do we celebrate it? Who were the people involved? Include 1-2 Pictures of the History of Thanksgiving. Include Animation, Text Box

Slide 3: My Home Holiday Traditions
What is your tradition of Thanksgiving? What do you normally do with your family and friends? What are your food traditions? Include 1-2 pictures of these traditions. Any Layout. Any Elements.

Slide 4: A Thanksgiving Turkey Made from AUTOSHAPES
Use AutoShapes to make a Thanksgiving Turkey or Thanksgiving Dinner (be creative--remember how we made the Pizzas and the mini-houses and towns using Autoshapes?).

Slide 5: What I'm Thankful For
Use a 7x2 Table (7 Rows and 2 Columns) to tell me 7 things you are thankful for. In one column, put what you're thankful for. In the other column, include a picture of this.

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