Wednesday-Thursday, October 24-25, 2007


By the end of today's lesson:

  • Students will prove their proficiency in PowerPoint knowledge by taking a quiz.
  • Students will begin planning their PowerPoints by creating a storyboard/outline of the topics they wish to cover.

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up (blog)

2. PowerPoint Planning

3. Storyboarding (get approval for your storyboard)
4. Work on PowerPoint Title Slide
5. Exit Slip

Warm up: (
1. What 5 Objects need to be on each slide for an A in the Content Category?
2. What do you have to do to get an A in organization? (Check your rubric)
3. How many slides are required? How long does your presentation have to be (in minutes) when you present?
4. What important dates do you need to remember about this project?
5. If there is more time, please complete your grading assignment from last time (and get a stamp).

Plan out your PowerPoint presentation by drawing your layout and writing what will be included in your powerpoint presentation.
When you are done, receive a stamp and begin working on....

Your Title Slide
Make sure that you include

  • Your name
  • Today's date
  • A Title for your presentation
  • A background
  • Some kind of animation

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