Wednesday-Thursday, October 17-18, 2007


By the end of today's lesson:
Students will be able to create shapes (drawing), group objects, layer objects, modify cue times (after previous) by completing a review worksheet.

Students will be graded for classwork by undergoing a notebook check.

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up blog

2. Community Mapping (Finish and Email)

3. Lecture on Timings and Layers
4. Worksheet (cont'd)
5. Continue Notebook Check!

LONG Warm up: (MS POWERPOINT) - 20 minutes
1. Create a PowerPoint Slide that includes the following: WORD ART, TEXT BOX, BACKGROUND, and a PICTURE.

The PowerPoint slide needs to be about this class. What Have You Learned the Past Month in this class? Provide at least 4 bullet points.

you may animate this slide if you still have time.

2. Save and EMAIL it to my email...This warm-up will NOT be stamped.

Review Lecture on Grouping, Layering (cont'd) (20 Minutes)

Grouping and Layering Worksheet (cont'd) (50 minutes)

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