Monday, October 8, 2007

Hey all! I'm out sick today! =( I'm updating this blog from home--the screen looks like it's spinning. Anyhow...I should be back in tomorrow. Today you will make another PowerPoint Slide show and email it to me for credit! Please follow the agenda.

Treat the sub well, take care of the room and laptops, and make me proud to be your teacher. My policy about subsitutes is FIRM. Don't get written up by the sub--all students written up will be given detention on TUESDAY or Thursday--no questions asked!

See you soon!
Mr. Aguda

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up blog (
2. PowerPoint Slides Practice
3. EMAIL your presentations to me
4. Free Surf Time

Warm up: (
What did you do this weekend? Be descriptive. Did you do everything you had planned on doing? Do you find your weekends refreshing? Why or why not? (2 Paragraphs for an UPSTAMP)

PowerPoint Slides (30 POINTS - due in my INBOX at the end of the period)
You will make a 3-slide PowerPoint presentation by the end of the period. Don't waste time! In order to get full credit, you need to make sure that each slide has everything I ask for!

The Activity is called POWERPOINT3

Slide #1: Subsitute Etiquette

Include the following in this slide:
1 Word Art that says "Substitute Etiquette"
1 Large Text Box that says "What to do when Mr. Aguda is Gone!"
1 Text Box with the following bullet points:
(1) Come in quietly, check the blog, and complete the warmup
(2) Complete the assignment assigned and submit (Don't waste time)
(3) Respect the Sub and don't get written up by him or her.
(4) Anyone written up by the sub will get detention -- no exceptions!
(5) When you are done with your assignment, you may surf the net (appropriate websites only, all are recorded)
(6) Have a GREAT day!
1 or 2 pictures that depict the rules above.

Slide #2: Columbus Day
1 Word Art that says "Columbus Day"
1 Large Text Box that says, "Why we celebrate it."
3 Text Boxes that include facts about Columbus day. (Check the internet for important facts about Columbus day and include at least 2-3 sentences a piece)
3 Pictures that depict Columbus Day.

Slide #3: Your Favorite Sports Team
1 Word Art with your Team Name
1 Table (remember the TABLE TOOL!) that has your team's game schedule--(for example,
1 Picture of your team Logo
1 Picture of your team in action
(see example below)

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