Monday-Tuesday, October 22-23, 2007


By the end of today's lesson:
  • Students will know and understand the requirements of the Personal PowerPoint project by critically analyzing previous student samples.
  • Students will prove their proficiency in PowerPoint knowledge by taking a quiz.
  • Students will begin planning their PowerPoints by creating an outline of topics that they will cover.

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up (blog)

2. PowerPoint Project Overview

3. PowerPoint Rubric Activity
4. Homework (start it!)
5. Exit Slip

Warm up: (

1. Think of 3 things about yourself that are interesting. Share a little bit about them. (1 Paragraph).
2. How do you think a PowerPoint should be graded? If you were the teacher, what would you base your grades on in the presentation? (1 Paragraph)

Grading Assignment:
1. Click on the link and click "OPEN"
2. Watch each PowerPoint Presentation--Don't save.
3. Fill out the Grading Rubric for each example you use.
4. When completed, let Mr. Aguda know for a STAMP.

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