Wednesday - Thursday, September 19-20, 2007

Dear Class,
Welcome to your first experience with From now on you will be looking for your warmups here on the blogger. (Unless, I mention otherwise). Please memorize the blog address: You may start the warmup!


Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up
2. Notebook Check Info (checklist) pg 19
3. Blog Tutorial (Sign up) pg 20
4. Post your first Blog. Pg. 20
5. Exit Slip

Warm up
1. Type your homework from last night. If you were not here, the answer the following prompt.

Write me an email about what you expect
from me as your teacher and from this class.
At least 2 paragraphs.
Email this to your class' email address (for example,
2. If you have already emailed me, answer the following prompt in ANOTHER EMAIL to ME. (write in complete sentences, 2-3 sentences each.)
1. What is the web address that you visit to get the warmup and agenda?
2. What is happening tomorrow night? Will you be attending? Will your parents be attending?

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