Monday-Tuesday, June 4-5, 2007 a

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up
2. Setting up a LOCAL Web
3. More FrontPage Practice: Hyperlinks, Pictures, Backgrounds
4. Making an ABOUT ME or HOMEPAGE
5. Publishing your WEBSITE

1. Warm up (Survey)
Click Here to answer the SURVEY.

3 or 4. Make an "ABOUT ME" or "HOME PAGE" page.

"About Me" page you should include: (Save as: aboutme.html)
1. 3-4 pictures
2. A short biography of who you are. (Include: DOB, Place of Birth, Parents/siblings names, Ethnicity/Culture, Religion, Friends, School, etc.)
3. Links to your favorite places on the web


"Homepage" you should include: (Save as: index.html)
1. 3-4 pictures
2. A welcome message to your WEBSITE
3. A title for your WEBSITEa

Things you should try to use:
1. Tables: You can organize your text and your pictures using this tool.
2. Change the background: Format-->Background
3. MAKE a PICTURE a Hyperlink to another page.

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