Tuesday-Wednesday, May 29-30, 2007

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up (HTML)
2. Sign up for webspace

1. Warm up
Open up NOTEPAD and create a webpage for the following:
For an example (click here)

Make a webpage that will include:
(1) Title: Your name and today's date
(2) A heading: (Your name)'s Blog
(3) Ruled line
(4) A short paragraph of what you during this long weekend! (6-7 sentences) You should use line breaks or paragraphs to separate your text so that it does not continue on one line forever.
(5) Insert another heading and type: "My favorite links"
(6) Then, insert another ruled line
(7) Provide 5-6 of your favorite links.

(8) Save as index.html

2. Sign up for webspace.
Before you sign up, make sure you KNOW your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. If you don't know it, please see Mr. Aguda!!!!

Go to www.angelfire.com
Click here for step by step instructions

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