Wednesday-Thursday, March 21-22, 2007

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up
2. Business Card Inquiry
3. Business Card Lecture
4. Make your own business cards (4 styles)

Warm up
Open up MS Publisher and follow the instructions for setting up a 2-panel (C-fold) brochure

1st: Change the dimensions and orientation of your page.

  • Under "Publication Type," select "CUSTOM"
  • Set the Width to 7.328" and the Height to 8.5"
  • Under "Orientation," select "Landscape"
2nd: Set up the layout guides

  • Margins @ 0.2" all around
  • 2 Columns, 0.2" spacing

3rd: Insert a 2nd page

4th: Follow the directions below

On the front panel, write the words "Mr. Aguda's Tech Class"
On the back panel, write your contact information: your name, email and class period
On the left inside panel, put a picture of a business card somewhere on the panel
On the right inside panel, insert a BOX, a CIRCLE, and a STAR (if there's time, color them in)

5th: Save as

Business Card Inquiry
Copy and paste 3 times into MS WORD. For each business card you brought, answer the questions. If it doesn't include an item, write "Not present." SAVE AS: PerX-Businesscard-lastfirst.doc

Name of Individual:
Name of Business or Organization:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Web Page Address:
Job Title of Individual:
Tagline or description of Business or Organization:
What kinds of graphics do you see here?
What services or products are offered?

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