Wednesday-Thursday, March 14-15, 2007

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up
2. Brochure Inquiry Activity
3. Make your own brochure

Warm up (
(1) Where can you find advertisements?
(2) Describe your favorite advertisement. What about it was memorable or effective?

Inquiry Activity
Start a new entry in your blog. Copy and paste and answer the following question for at least 4 brochures.

(1) What is the company name?
(2) What is this brochure advertising?
(3) Is this a C-folded or Z-folded brochure?
(4) What information about the product/service is included inside the brochure?
(5) What must I do to contact the business?
(6) What makes the brochure appealing to you? Why?

Make your own brochure

Exit Slip:
1. What is a Brochure?
2. What is the difference between a Z-fold and a C-fold?

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