Monday-Tuesday, January 8-9, 2007

Today's Agenda:
1. New, New, New Seating Arrangements
2. Warm-up (www.blogger.com)
3. Intro to Semester II (New Syllabus, Procedures)
4. Mid-year Survey

New, New, New Seating Arrangements
Please make sure to sit in you *new* assigned seats.

Warm-up (www.blogger.com)
Answer the following prompts. COPY and PASTE the questions also.
1. What did you do during Christmas break. Write a long paragraph (6-7 sentences) about your Christmas break. Be specific and descriptive.

Intro to Semester II
New Syllabus and Procedures for Semester II.

New Year's Resolutions Posters
Use MS Publisher to make New Year's Resolution Posters

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