Monday-Tuesday, January 22-23, 2007

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm-up: Blog
2. Newspaper Layout (Label a Newspaper)
3. Layout Guides/Ruler Guides/Column Widths
4. Worksheets

Warm up ( - Copy and Paste the questions onto your blogger. Remember, if you are experiencing problems with blogger for more than 5 minutes, use MS WORD!
1. What is a Column?
2. What are the dimensions of a standard sheet of paper? (Use your agenda ruler to measure)
3. What do you think the dimensions of a newspaper are? Describe. (You don't have to measure!)
4. List 2 things you did this weekend.

Newspaper Layout
- Parts of a Newspaper
- Discussion on Guides and Columns

Files you will need for this tutorial:

1. Take your binder home. Binder Check on Wednesday-Thursday. Have all required materials for 80 POINTS.

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