Monday-Tuesday, December 4-5, 2006:

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm-up Blog
2. Intro to typing (continued)
3. Typing Activities/Lessons
4. Intro to Mavis Beacon
5. Exit Slip

Warm up ( choose one!
1. Did you
watch Saturday's game? What did you think? Was it fair? Do you have an excuse as to why SC lost?

2. Describe your weekend in detail. What did you do?

Intro to Typing Continued
Remember to have your fingers in home position at all times! If you don't you will learn incorrectly and never type at your best!

1. Do lesson #1 here: (all three lines)

2. Do drill #1 here:

3. Play the lesson #1 game here:

4. Type the "essay" for lesson one on a word document. Calculate WPM and Accuracy. Click here for the essay.

For WPM calculation. Divide the number of words typed by 4 minutes.
For Accuracy calculation. Divide the number of words correct by the total number of words typed.

What was your WPM and ACCURACY for today's TYPING DRILL?

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