Emergency Lesson Plan #1

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up (blog)
2. Internet Scavenger Hunt
3. MS Excel Extra Practice

1. Warm up (www.blogger.com)

Examine the comic strip above. What does it remind you of? What do you think about it? Why do you think a computer does that? Has this ever happened to you?

2. Internet Scavenger Hunt
1. Go to this website http://www.smsnwk.com/page13.html

2. Copy and paste the questions to your blogger or into MS Word.

3. Answer each question in complete sentences. You may use the links provided on the website (they are blue and underlined) or any search engine to assist you in your search, but you may NOT copy and paste the text as your answer. Write your own answers!

4. Once complete, publish your work. OR Save as PerX-last-first-scavenger.doc

5. Email it to me and Delete your File. (mraguda_p4@mail2web.com, mraguda_p5@mail2web.com, mraguda_p6@mail2web.com)

3. MS Excel Extra Practice
Enter the correct information for the following cells
In Column A = 132, 231, 0.01, 132, 3
In Column B = 325, 546, -0.01, 111, 12
In Column C = 6.332, 6.123, (-123.0/75), (82*65), 72
In Column D = 72, 123, 092.0, (87/88), 23
In Column E = 12, (12+12+12+13), (12-88), (12/3), (13*1)

In Column F = Add up EACH ROW of Columns A:E
In Row 6 = Add up Each Column of Rows 1:5
Fill the Totals with Gray Boxes

In H10 Enter a formula that would give the grand total (Use Arial 25 Pt font)

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