Wednesday-Thursday, October 4-5, 2006

What's due today? -- Have your planning worksheets out!

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up: Peer Accountability Slips
2. Slide Layout Worksheet
3. Make your TITLE SLIDE and START!
4. Exit Slip
5. Homework

Peer Accountability Slips:
You will be completing one of these for each step of the process. This will allow your peers to give you feedback on your PowerPoint and planning. Keep this in your Projects Tab.

When you are done giving feedback, show your slip to Mr. Aguda and get a stamp.

PowerPoint Slide Design Layout:
Fill out this worksheet before you begin laying out your slide-show.

Start working on your TITLE SLIDE!

Save your File (on your data stick) or Email it to yourself before leaving today!

Homework: Finish your SLIDE LAYOUT worksheet

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