Wednesday-Thursday, October 11-12, 2006

Important Announcement: Your FINAL POWERPOINT is DUE in MY INBOX NO LATER THAN Friday, October 13, 2006 -- 11:59PM. Since there is no school on Friday, this means you must finish your PowerPoint and email it to me either in class or finish at home--but it must be time stamped before that time! Late submissions receive a 20 point deduction.

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up: BLOG
2. Finish PowerPoints
3. Peer Accountability Worksheet (Last 35 minutes of class)
4. 10 Minute Warning (Email to yourself or me, if done!)
5. How to get an A
6. Exit Slip

Warm Up: (
1. How long is your PowerPoint (in # of slides)? What is the time-length of your presentation (when you present next week)?
2. What grades do you want to receive in each of the following categories?
- Planning and Organization
- Content
- Creativity
- Oral Presentation
3. What have you done to make sure you get that grade?

Peer Accountability Worksheet
Give feedback in pairs to make sure your PowerPoint is ready to go!

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