Monday-Tuesday, October 9-10, 2006

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up: BLOG (see below)
2. Rubric Presentation and Quiz
3. Continue working on Slide Show
4. Exit Slip

Warm up (

Click here to download and open a PowerPoint for today's blog. Watch the PowerPoint presentation (it's only a portion, 2 slides in length) and then answer the questions below in your own blog. (don't copy the questions!)

Slide #1 and 2:
1. Does this slide include a Title? What is it?
2. According to the guidelines handout, what (if any) element is missing in this slide?
3. What planning and organization grade could this person get for this slide? (Hint: look at the rubric)
4. Why would you give him this grade?

Rubric Presentation:
Watch the following PowerPoint presentations on the screen and then...
Click here to take the Rubric Presentation Quiz.

Work on Your PowerPoints!
Remember, you have the rest of the period today to finish your PowerPoints. Rough drafts are due on Wednesday!

Exit Slip (see screen)

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