Friday, October 27, 2006

1. Warm up (Blog)
2. Final Presentations (if any)
3. Check your grades (
3. Finish Worksheet and get a stamp
4. Exit Slip
5. Homework

Warm up (
Answer this prompt:
If you could be somewhere else today, where would it be? Why would you be there? Who would be there with you? What is this place like? What would you do in this place? Be specific and descriptive.

Check your grades and Finish worksheet
You will receive a worksheet that has your login information. Check your grades and answer the questions related to this. Get a stamp when you are done.

Exit Slip: (see board)

Copy the following key terms down and define them from what you know! Write a short, 1 sentence description for each key term. (Don't look in a dictionary or research it on the computer!)
Hard Drive, Mouse, CPU, RAM, Video, Monitor, CD-ROM,
DVD-ROM, Software, Hardware, Digital, Optical

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