Wednesday & Thursday, September 20-21, 2006

More PowerPoint today--the basics. You will create your first show.

Today's Agenda
1. Warm up: BLOG
2. Working on your binders
- Binder Rubric
- Binder guidelines
3. PowerPoint Basics (Tutorial)
4. Your first PowerPoint
5. Exit Slip and Homework

Warm up:
Take a look at this cartoon. What is it trying to say? Do you agree with it? Why or why not? Write at least 4-5 sentences!

Exit Slip: See the screen at the end of the period

Homework: Autobiography. Write about 3-4 significant events in your life. When did they happen? What happened? Why was it memorable. This should be at least 1/2 page--but you should try to write a full page!

For your Major Project (coming up next week): After School Picture Scanning...Next week...prepare your pictures!

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