Wednesday & Thursday, September 27-28, 2006

1. Warm up: Make this PowerPoint Slide
2. Tutorial: Slide Transitions, Custom Animation, Layering and Grouping, Rotation
3. Activity: Make these slides
4. Personal PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines and Intro
5. Outlining Your PowerPoint Presentation
6. Exit Slip
7. Homework

Warm up: Make the slide you see on the screen. You can use your own favorite car, picture, etc. But you must make it identical in layout to the one on the screen. Do not email it to me; just show it to me for your credit.

Tutorial: Check your email. Download the file -- TUTORIAL.ppt Open it and perform the tasks Mr. Aguda will model.

Activity: Make the following slides.

Exit Slip: See the screen at the end of the period.

Homework: Complete your PowerPoint Outlining Worksheet

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