Monday & Tuesday, September 18-19, 2006

Good Morning/Afternoon Class:

Today, we're going to begin working with applications. You had a brief introduction to MS WORD and MS INTERNET EXPLORER already, especially in working with Tables. Today we will cover the basics in ALL Microsoft Applications and then work exclusively in Microsoft Powerpoint.

After you read this introduction, please watch Mr. Aguda for a brief discussion regarding Multi-tasking. (You'll need to know what this means and how to do this especially when you've got to do multiple things.)

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up: BLOG
2. Pop Quiz
3. Applications -- Toolbars
4. Introduction to PowerPoint (Mr. Aguda's Lecture)
5. Exit Slip and Homework

Warm up:
Login to your blog and type up your homework from the weekend as today's blog!

Pop Quiz:
Please visit the following link to complete your POP QUIZ. This is open notebook. You may consult your notes, but not your neighbor. Good luck!
Your only homework for next time is to bring your completed binder with the 5 tabs. We will be working on organizing our binders next time. Remember, if you do not bring them for me to stamp, you will receive guided study!!!!!


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