Good Morning (or afternoon) class!
From now on you will receive your AGENDAS and ASSIGNMENTS via this blog space. Check it everytime you come into class (unless directed to otherwise). Below you will find an agenda and instructions on what to do today. First, however you must complete your warm-up.

Today's Agenda (September 15, 2006)
1. Warm up (BLOGGER)
2. Do Now: Edit your Profile
3. Do Now: Commenting
4. Do Now: Embedding Pictures
5. Introduction to PowerPoint (time permitting)
6. Exit Slip

Warm up: (review from yesterday)
1. Logon to your BLOGGER account. If you forgot your information, first check the BLOGGING 1.0 Sheet that you received last time.
2. Click on the "+" Sign (as shown to the right) to add a new blog
3. Copy and Paste the Agenda Above into your blog and then answer the following prompt

What are your plans for this weekend? Be detailed and describe exactly what you're wanting to do. Where are you going? What are you going to see? Who's going to be there.
Length for full credit stamp: 1 Paragraph (6-7 sentences).

4. When you are done, click Publish Post.
5. Click on VIEW (in a new window) for Mr. Aguda to check!