Friday, September 29, 2006

Hey ya'll--I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FRIDAY AGAIN! Well, yeah I could...thank goodness!

Today's Agenda:
1. Read this blog
2. DO NOW online packet
3. Exit Slip
4. Homework

Warm up
You're doing it right now.

DO NOW online packet
Download the online packet example by Left clicking and opening:LEFT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PACKET

When the file downloads, click OPEN and it will present a show to you. You must make a POWERPOINT just like this by the end of the period. You have the entire period. When you get it to me!

Exit Slip: See the screen

Homework: none this weekend! enjoy!

Wednesday & Thursday, September 27-28, 2006

1. Warm up: Make this PowerPoint Slide
2. Tutorial: Slide Transitions, Custom Animation, Layering and Grouping, Rotation
3. Activity: Make these slides
4. Personal PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines and Intro
5. Outlining Your PowerPoint Presentation
6. Exit Slip
7. Homework

Warm up: Make the slide you see on the screen. You can use your own favorite car, picture, etc. But you must make it identical in layout to the one on the screen. Do not email it to me; just show it to me for your credit.

Tutorial: Check your email. Download the file -- TUTORIAL.ppt Open it and perform the tasks Mr. Aguda will model.

Activity: Make the following slides.

Exit Slip: See the screen at the end of the period.

Homework: Complete your PowerPoint Outlining Worksheet

Monday, October 8, 2007

Hey all! I'm out sick today. I'm updating this blog from home--the screen looks like it's spinning. Anyhow...I should be back in tomorrow. Today you will make your first PowerPoint Slide show and email it to me for credit! Please follow the agenda. It's very important that you treat the sub well, take care of the room and laptops, and make me proud to be your teacher! Anyone written up by the sub will get DETENTION on the following day--no questions asked!

Mr. Aguda

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up blog (
2. PowerPoint (Make these Slides!)
3. EMAIL this powerpoint presentation to me!

4. When you are done, you may surf the net (appropriate websites only! All are recorded!)

Warm up: (
What did you do this weekend? Be descriptive. Did you do everything you had planned on doing? Do you find your weekends refreshing? Why or why not? (2 Paragraphs for an upstamp!)

PowerPoint (Make These Slides)

Slide #1: Substitute Etiquette
In this slide, please include the following objects:
1 Word Art with the text "Substitute Etiquette"
1 Large Text Box with the text "What to do when Mr. Aguda is gone."
1 Text box with the following text
(1) Check the Blog and complete the warmup
(2) Complete the assigned work
(3) Respect the sub and don't get on his/her "bad" list
(4) All students written up get automatic detention
(5) When you are done, you may surf the net (appropriate websites! Remember, they all get recorded!)
1-2 Pictures that you can find on the internet that depicts these rules.

Slide #2: Columbus Day
In this slide, please include the following objects:
1 Word Art with the text "Columbus Day"
3 Text Boxes that include information about why we are supposed to celebrate "Columbus Day"
3 Pictures about Columbus Day

Slide #3: Your Favorite Sports Team
In this slide, please include the following objects:
1 Word Art as the name of your favorite Sports Team.
1 Table that includes your favorite team's sports schedule
2 Pictures of your favorite team (see example below)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday, everyone! The long-awaited weekend is here again!

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up: BLOG (
2. DO NOW Worksheet (continued)
3. Homework
4. Exit Slip

Warm Up: (
For today's blog, type up your autobiography that you wrote last night.

DO NOW Worksheet (continued)
- Follow the tutorial with Mr. Aguda to make his slide.
- Make the next 2 slides on the Do Now worksheet.
- Save your powerpoint as: firstnamelastname
- Attach and Email your powerpoint presentation to Mr. Aguda

Fill out the Autobiographical PowerPoint Project planning sheet.

Exit Slip:
See screen.
Wednesday & Thursday, September 20-21, 2006

More PowerPoint today--the basics. You will create your first show.

Today's Agenda
1. Warm up: BLOG
2. Working on your binders
- Binder Rubric
- Binder guidelines
3. PowerPoint Basics (Tutorial)
4. Your first PowerPoint
5. Exit Slip and Homework

Warm up:
Take a look at this cartoon. What is it trying to say? Do you agree with it? Why or why not? Write at least 4-5 sentences!

Exit Slip: See the screen at the end of the period

Homework: Autobiography. Write about 3-4 significant events in your life. When did they happen? What happened? Why was it memorable. This should be at least 1/2 page--but you should try to write a full page!

For your Major Project (coming up next week): After School Picture Scanning...Next week...prepare your pictures!
Monday & Tuesday, September 18-19, 2006

Good Morning/Afternoon Class:

Today, we're going to begin working with applications. You had a brief introduction to MS WORD and MS INTERNET EXPLORER already, especially in working with Tables. Today we will cover the basics in ALL Microsoft Applications and then work exclusively in Microsoft Powerpoint.

After you read this introduction, please watch Mr. Aguda for a brief discussion regarding Multi-tasking. (You'll need to know what this means and how to do this especially when you've got to do multiple things.)

Today's Agenda:
1. Warm up: BLOG
2. Pop Quiz
3. Applications -- Toolbars
4. Introduction to PowerPoint (Mr. Aguda's Lecture)
5. Exit Slip and Homework

Warm up:
Login to your blog and type up your homework from the weekend as today's blog!

Pop Quiz:
Please visit the following link to complete your POP QUIZ. This is open notebook. You may consult your notes, but not your neighbor. Good luck!
Your only homework for next time is to bring your completed binder with the 5 tabs. We will be working on organizing our binders next time. Remember, if you do not bring them for me to stamp, you will receive guided study!!!!!

Homework for this Weekend!
1.Describe your community! What resources are available for you (i.e. libraries, clinics, etc.) to use? What do you love about your community? What bothers you about your community?

For periods 1,3 -- This is due on Monday, September 18
For periods 4, 5, 6 -- This is due on Tuesday, September 19
Good Morning (or afternoon) class!
From now on you will receive your AGENDAS and ASSIGNMENTS via this blog space. Check it everytime you come into class (unless directed to otherwise). Below you will find an agenda and instructions on what to do today. First, however you must complete your warm-up.

Today's Agenda (September 15, 2006)
1. Warm up (BLOGGER)
2. Do Now: Edit your Profile
3. Do Now: Commenting
4. Do Now: Embedding Pictures
5. Introduction to PowerPoint (time permitting)
6. Exit Slip

Warm up: (review from yesterday)
1. Logon to your BLOGGER account. If you forgot your information, first check the BLOGGING 1.0 Sheet that you received last time.
2. Click on the "+" Sign (as shown to the right) to add a new blog
3. Copy and Paste the Agenda Above into your blog and then answer the following prompt

What are your plans for this weekend? Be detailed and describe exactly what you're wanting to do. Where are you going? What are you going to see? Who's going to be there.
Length for full credit stamp: 1 Paragraph (6-7 sentences).

4. When you are done, click Publish Post.
5. Click on VIEW (in a new window) for Mr. Aguda to check!

Animo Green Dot Dedication

Today we dedicated our high school: Green Dot's Animo Jefferson Charter High School. Yes, it is a large name. However, "large" is not what this school is about. During the dedication, I felt extremely proud at being a green dot teacher and an extreme excitement as to the nature of educational reform that my students and I are pioneering. There was a contagious energy in the air at Victory Baptist Church in South Central this morning...probably because there was a consensus that our students (along with all of the other 5 Green Dot Animo Schools) were determined to make it to college.

And we are determined to get them there...with small schools, high standards, and one-on-one parent involvement.

Today's 9/11. Woke up this morning to MSNBC's rebroadcast of the coverage on the attack on the twin towers on 9/11. Gosh the pictures were so vivid. It was like it happened yesterday. I remember where I was--in bed. Got a phone call from my then-girlfriend about the attack. In unbelief I turned on the same television (located in the same part of the room) to watch the aftermath. By this time, only WTC Tower #1 had fallen; #2 was still standing, heavily damaged.
Today, I would have to say life is much different post-9/11. It's amazing how one day could have such an effect on you.